Mad Men

Is everyone as obsessed with this show as I am? I've been having a lazy, can't-get-off-the-couch type of day and I think I've watched about 10 episodes of Man Men in a row. I wish I had the clothes, the jewelry, the hair...everything!


Till You're Gone

At the University of Miami School of Music I had the privilege of studying under the amazingly talented Dr. J.B. Floyd. While studying with Dr. Floyd I became friends with fellow student Gabe Dixon of the Gabe Dixon Band who has gone on to play with both Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (OMG!!!)

Well, this week the Gabe Dixon Band released a self-titled album which I had the pleasure of listening to (on repeat, of course). I must say...it's a must have! Check out the video above for "Till You're Gone" and then rush over to iTunes and buy the album! Click the link at right to visit their myspace page and sample more delicious tunes!


Inspiration: Edie Sedgwick

Another thing to add to my recent 60's obsession - Edie Sedgwick! I must admit, I know embarrassingly little about Andy Warhol and his pals...but I do know that Edie's wardrobe will be making a very strong impact on my closet (and maybe some jewelry designs too)!


Project: Needlepoint

As promised, my days in Miami have been spent creating some new designs. As I sit here waiting for Tropical Storm (Hurricane?) Fay to pass, I decided I should post an update on what I've been working on.

After a rocky start, needlepoint has turned out to be not THAT difficult...let's just use the word "challenging." Now that I'm getting more comfortable and picking up speed, I'm getting really excited! After so much time spent working with silver these past few years, I feel like the options are unlimited for these new pieces! I hope you like them as much as I do...I'm kind of obsessed with them!! xo


Id Engager

Here at Heist we are huge, HUGE fans of of Montreal. So imagine our delight that a new single from their upcoming "Skeletal Lamping" album is on pitchforkmedia.com for unlimited streaming into our ears! (Seriously, we're talking over and over and over on repeat...it's that good!) So check out "Id Engager" HERE!


Be My Model!

It's one thing for me to receive orders and make jewelry, but it's quite another to actually SEE the finished product on a happy customer! Once you receive your order and are proudly wearing it around town, snap a picture of yourself and send it to me! I would love to feature it on our website(s)...POOF! INSTA-FAME!!! ;)


More Design Inspiration!

I saw "The Wackness" yesterday. It takes place in 1994 and is filled with Hip-hop and fashion in NYC...we're talking everything down to Fly girls! Who wouldn't be influenced by that? (I grew up in Miami, so when have I NOT been influenced by that?!) I highly suggest you see it. Oh and the soundtrack? AMAZING!