Under Construction

It seems right about now that everything in my life is in transition. I reserved a U-haul truck for the end of March when I will move from Boston to Miami. I'm going through all these mixed emotions: excitement/dread/insecurity/fear but I am looking forward to a few things, mainly going through all my stuff and down-sizing/cleaning out. The other thing I'm looking forward to can pretty much be summed up in these photos...sunshine and freedom!
Will my life actually look like this? Probably not.
via fashioncopious and RR
The other thing in transition at the moment is my hair. I'm in that awkward bangs-and-hair-are-growing-out phase so I'll just keep looking at these pics for inspiration:
(I completely forget where these photos came from so my apologies!)




Oddly captivating

Solange Knowles sings Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" with of Montreal in NYC last night. Oddly captivating, no?

Below: A pic of me hamming it up during Art Basel with Solange, Janelle Monae and Caroline Polachek (from Chairlift)....random? Yes.
Also, click HERE to see video of Susan Sarandon also crashing last night's oM show.


New in the Store: Valentine's Day Zipper Hearts

Just in time for Valentine's Day!!! Shop for your new favorite charm HERE.

Thanks for looking!


Golden Globes Recap and Anne Hathaway!

Actress, Amanda Righetti from The O.C., North Shore and more

Actress, Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, Lipstick Jungle and more

I am proud to announce that our display with The Sampler at the GBK Pre-Golden Globes Gift Lounge was a success! Check out one of our Chain Link necklaces (coming to the Etsy Boutique soon) on actresses Amanda Righetti and Sarah Hyland above!

In other news, we are SO exited about this: Heist is giving a Scrabble Piece charm to Anne Hathaway! Thanks to Keara at Oak, we were invited to submit an item to the gift bag being given to Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year 2010!

Celebrations for Ms. Hathaway will take place on January 28, 2010 and will include the Woman of the Year Parade down Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge at 2:30 PM, followed by a Roast in her honor at the New College Theater (12 Holyoke Street) at 3 PM.

Keep an eye out for any paparazzi snaps!



If you're an avid Memelodia reader, you might recognize this post from earlier today. But I couldn't just let this one slip by! How completely amazing are these Explosion Pillows by Amelia Bauer?! They're all based on stills from movies such as Blood Diamond and Zoolander and they're all NEEDLEPOINT!!! Puts my Needlepoint Initial Charms to shame!


GG 2010

Did you tune in? I was absolutely smitten with a couple things:

1) Kate Hudson's Marchesa dress (wow!):

2) Michael C. Hall's win (and his successful cancer treatment!) ...Plus John Lithgow's win for Trinity!

3) Sandra Bullock's gorgeous purple dress:

Now if only Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox would have won...

Introductions: THX THX THX

I just discovered this awesome blog THX THX THX, where the writer, Leah, writes a thank you note everyday as a daily exercise in gratitude. So in that spirit:
Dear Rackk and Ruin,
Thank you for introducing me to the THX THX THX blog. I probably would never have discovered it if it weren't for you, and for that I have to give thanks!


They've got it all wrong

Monsanto as Company of the Year?!?! NO WAY! I was alerted to this by our buddies over at Sweet Local Farm and I am just as shocked as they are! First things first, go see Food, Inc. for a better understanding of our industrial food system and particularly the disgusting-ness that is Monsanto. Next, read The Omnivore's Dilemma for a thorough look at the evils of our industrial food system's reliance on corn. Don't believe these shallow attempts at trying to change our minds either:

Support your local farmer!

PS-Of all the anti-Monsanto comments left in the comment section of this Forbes article, I particularly like this one:
Posted by Trinitywellness | 01/14/10 02:26 PM EST
Interesting choice for company of the year. Considering that Monsanto’s business practices are monopolistic, unsustainable, and in the case of the cotton farmers of India a crime against humanity. Inquiring minds want to know… are you going to give free Forbes subscriptions to the widows of the well over 120,000 (and climbing) Indian cotton farmers who committed suicide after being ruined by the Monsanto Cotton seed monopoly which bankrupted them with quadrupled seed and cultivation costs? Maybe a subscription bonus for the residents of Aniston Alabama poisoned by Monsanto’s upstream PCB plant? I would also like to know how much Monsanto paid for this advertisement masquerading as business journalism?

Another one DOESN'T bite the dust!

I'm so glad that Polaroid was saved from disappearing off the face of the earth. How cute are the new Polaroid PIC-1000 cameras?! The faux wood has my name all over it (although I'll probably stick with my $5 flea market original).


Feeling the Love: 360 Handmade

Check out our Military Jacket Stone Charm feature on 360 Handmade today!

Thanks to Elena for making it happen! xo

PS - Thanks SO much to the nearly 60 PEOPLE who "hearted" us today on Etsy! This is definitely a new record for Heist!


Heist goes to the GOLDEN GLOBES!!!

This is a bit of a last minute idea so I've been scrambling like a crazy person to come up with an idea, make the components, assemble it and ship it all before the big event: THE GOLDEN GLOBES! That's right! Heist is teaming up with The Sampler again for the Golden Globes Gifting Suite this weekend!

I'm very happy with the way this piece turned out so I will be making some more and putting them up in the Etsy Boutique in the near future (possibly even today) so stay tuned!

Be sure to watch the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards THIS Sunday January 17, 2010 live on NBC at 8:00PM!


Ecuador 2009: In My Shoes

I know I promised these pictures a lot sooner than this but, hey, better late than never, right?

I decided to follow the lead of travel photographer, Tom Robinson, and his Feet First series to document my trip to Ecuador in November of last year. I hope you enjoy it!


Introductions: Mystic Valley Studio

One of my wonderfully talented friends, Alex, (remember the Stuper Freak Video?? That was all his doing!) had a story written about him in the Boston Globe! Alex runs a studio, Mystic Valley Studio, that is completely analog and uses equipment solely from the 60s and 70s. What's even more amazing is his studio is one of less than 10 all-analog studios in the U.S.! Read the complete article HERE and if you ever need to book some studio time, keep Mystic Valley Studio in mind!


Day 2: Thrifting

Inspired by SleeveFace, my second day of Project: 365 Days.

Follow me HERE!

PS-Thanks to MeMelodia for her creative input on this shot!


Project: 365 Days!

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Here's hoping 2010 brings plenty of love, success and happiness to us all!

Inspired by this I have decided to take on a little project for the new year: I joined the 365 Days Flickr Group and will now submit a self portrait for every single day of 2010!!! Can I do it? We'll see! Day 1: A picture of Zero and I!

Want to keep tabs on me? You can see my 365 Days Set HERE!