A New England Wedding

One of my great friends, Courtney, is getting married this weekend in Portland, Maine. Several months ago she asked me to make a triple charm necklace for her Bridesmaids and some other charms to give as gifts. 

She was trusting enough to give me full discretion but specified that she wanted it to match the theme of the wedding, New England, lighthouses and some sort of lobster charm. A lobster?! Well yes, because lobsters mate for life!

So the above are the charms I came up with for the gifts, and below, the bridesmaid charms!
A lighthouse, a lobster (with a blue stone to match the New England/Nautical theme of the wedding) and each Bridesmaid's initial.

I'll be back soon to report on all the wedding details!


Head in the Clouds

Hi Friends! I just wanted to stop in to give everyone a quick update while I'm in between my constant studying (I'm taking the Florida bar exam on Tuesday and Wednesday!) and my bar-exam induced panic attacks! 

The store is will be closed until August 11, 2010 while I take the exam and then ditch this southern heat for a little vacay to Maine, Boston and NYC (not sure I'll have much heat relief in the north east this year though!)
All orders that have been placed up until now will go out on schedule and for everyone else, well, you'll just have to wait until we're back up and running!

I can't wait until I can get back to my real life!

Rainbow - Helmut Smits
Behind the scenes:


Coming Up For Air

Ever feel like you've spent a period of your life under water? For me, that would be these past few weeks. But I'm proud to report that I think I'm finally on my way back up!

Sink 2008 - Cornelius Völker