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Hi friends! Just a quick heads up that I will be out of town for the weekend so any orders placed between Thursday and Sunday will be processed and shipped next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the Wild Belle video above. I'm kind of obsessed with them right now.



Where the Magic Happens

Just a few snaps of the Heist Studio. xo


And We're Off!

Allow me to finally introduce you to the new Heist Handbags line!

1. The Totes-

2. The Clutches-

3. The Crossbody Style-

4. The Extras-
Large size change purse

Leather pouches

After 6 months of making patterns and prototypes and actually learning how to sew a bag, and then another 3 months of learning how to sew leather, working out the kinks, establishing our new branding, building up inventory and all the other assorted details that goes into a new line, the Heist Handbag line is finally ready to go live!

Now, about the bags. Each bag is made using recycled leather from coats and other garments. An avid thrifter before, now thrifting is my job...and I love it! I source suitable second hand leathers and combine them with fabrics (some recycled, some new) to create soft, worn-in, slouchy handbags! I try to keep as many of the garment's original details as possible, such as pockets and seams. The result is a one-of-a-kind bag that no one else has.

Although I use the same patterns, each bag is completely unique due to the nature of the original items being used. The beauty of these bags is how perfect the leather already is. No waiting to break it in and soften it...it's already worn-in and ready to go, flaws and all. And the best part? No additional animals were harmed in the making of these bags. Is it vegan? No. But I like to think that it helps.

So keep an eye on the shop, these bags (and the other designs in the works) will be hitting the shelves very soon!

Suburban Love


...and she's a Florida girl. Gotta love it.


A New Site and an Introduction

Our new website launched today! Go have a look to get your first glimpse of a few pieces from the new Heist Handbag line!!

I will be formally introducing you to our new handbags right here on the blog within the next few weeks and then I will start uploading everything to the shop. I seriously can't wait. I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am! xo


The Southerly

The Southerly is a cute blog which documents the travels of Rhiannon and Drew, a couple based in Atlanta, GA who happen to love traveling, history, kitschy roadside attractions and, luckily for us, photography. From old Civil War battlefields to abandoned buildings on a Native American Trail, all with their histories carefully explained, this blog is pretty great.

It's not updated as much as I would like (I'm a hard blog reader to please!) but I think it's a really well done blog that is worth your time to check out.

I think I could devote a few months to photographing the deep south. Who's game?


Around Here

1. The Garden That Could. Our garden is big and happy this growing season and we've been plucking veggies from the ground and eating them almost every meal. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

2. The Labels I Can't Stop Staring At. The new labels for Heist Handbags* are in! The logo design is from a collaboration with Flying Pyramids and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Beautiful, high-quality, guilt-free, vegan leather. Perfect.

*Is the anticipation killing you yet? It sure is killing me! I promise a big reveal of the Heist Handbag line in the very near future. Promise!

3. The thrill of the Hunt. Am I right? I'm always hunting for records and when I dig one out from the depths of some dusty pit (What's with all the Johnny Mathis?!) you'd swear I found the rarest fossil man-kind has ever seen. Talking Heads for under $2? Yes, please.

4. The Experiment that Went Completely Right. I made a batch of these Jute Planters and planted oh-so-adorable succulents in them as a display for my parents' store. My parents were all "that's not really the store's vibe" and then they were all "people are asking about these, maybe we should sell them?" and then they were all "we're going to need more. We sold out." We're on batch 3 now. Needless to say, my stock as store display/interior designer is way up right now.

Photos via my Instagram. Are we friends yet?