Bon Voyage!

Freedom is even better than I remembered! Leaving to catch a plane to Bermuda in five...see you in a few days! Have a great weekend!

Photo Markku Lahdesmaki



The Bar

Well kids, this is it...tomorrow and Thursday are the days I've been dreading for a loooonnng time...the bar exam! So everyone, here's what you need to do: Get up around 9:00AM when the exam is set to begin, and start praying for me. I don't care who you pray to, but just don't stop until 5:00PM. Same deal for Thursday.

How odd/amazing are those sketches above?!

MadMen Yourself

That's me...on Mad Men. You can make one for yourself here. I can't wait for the August 16th premiere! I <3 the Drapers!


Decisions, decisions...

Maybe I can wear this to the library tomorrow. Well, I have to wear it somewhere, right?!


So close I can taste it!

Bermuda. 5 days.



As you might have noticed on the etsy page, I will be unable to fill or ship any orders from Friday, July 24 until Tuesday, August 4. Also, I will be unable to answer any emails during this time. If you already placed an order, it will be shipped on schedule. Sorry for the delay and I'll see you on the other side of this little hiatus! xoxo

Pic Gabriel Sabando via i heart photograph


I want!

"In an attempt to breathe new life into old rubbish, Jack has created a range of 9 different biodegradable plastic lids, that can be placed on the top of a freshly-washed baked beans can for example and transform its purpose. From a vase to a soap dispenser, a sugar pourer to toothbrush holder, money box to desk tidy and tea and coffee canisters, these stylish lids take tin cans to a whole new level."

Design by Jack Bresnahan via Dezeen


Lust: Miss Moss

I'm swooning over these clothes...oh, and that model ain't so bad either

Photos from French Vogue via because i'm addicted

Countdown: Bermuda!

T-11 days until Bermuda! (Just gotta get through that pesky little bar exam first)

PS-New designs, new website, new blog inspiration, new...everything coming soon, I promise!

Zimmerman via View on Fashion


Thou Shalt Not Covet

Oooooooooh...I'm first in line for these Chooka Buffalo Bone Rain Boots!!! There's nothing I like more than plaid...or a good pair of boots...or plaid boots. Whichever.

Thanks Nylon!


I <3 Collections

See more proof: here, here, and here!

via D*S


I am just dying to do a heist collaboration or two. I'm being eaten alive with jealousy over this Urban Outfitters collabo and even worse is the Igor & Andre collaboration with Gwen's Harajuku Lovers. I'm dying a little bit inside.


The end of another week...kinda

Studying can do awful things to the soul.

Marion B.



I'm exhausted after my late night Harry Potter fun. I'd much rather be lounging with Zero today...

Pics by Andrew Fladeboe via Design for Mankind


So good


My studying chair is empty tonight as I'm off to see the new Harry Potter at midnight with the lovely Keara! Can't wait to nerd out and shed a few tears at the end...it's bound to happen.

pic Christopher Wool

Igor & Andre

I just love this. This is Brooke White who is a singer from American Idol apparently? Who knows...I just really love this Igor & Andre portrait.

The bodysuit

I'm going to need this Silence & Noise/Urban Outfitters bodysuit in my life pronto.



I'm absolutely infuriated by this little bit of news.

Pics via le fashion



These photos for the autumn/winter 2010 collection by German designer Ella Haberlach are making me all sorts of crazy inside! (via dirtyflaws)

Don't Jump!

Sorry, just leaving messages for myself on my own blog.

Pic Tim Walker


I would rather...

...spend my summer like the above, instead of:

pic Vincent Peters.



I am in looooooove with this Williamsburg apt via Design*Sponge

Your New Soundtrack

Currently swaying to the latest podcast by Miami DJ extraordinaire, Induce, and it's some pretty hot shit!

"This is Volume 5 in my series called Classic Black, showcasing both known and unknown soulful dance music, from Disco and Boogie, to Afro-Beat, House and Broken Beat. This volume in the Classic Black series, mixed live on only Vinyl, focuses on the pop-lock Boogie style popular on the West Coast, reminiscent of the Zapp sound."

Get your FREE iTunes podcast HERE. You can thank me later.

Pic Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic via Today and Tomorrow


I can't believe that's Cameron!

Looking good on the cover of V Magazine (Pics via dirty flaws)