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I decided to take the day off from studying yesterday and take a little day trip to Rockport, MA. It was a foggy and chilly New England day so we explored the little town and then made our way to a waterfront restaurant for some clam chowder. Perfection.



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"Straight As in Love"

I happened to catch Walk The Line on TV last night, and I watched it...again. My Mom got me hooked on Johnny Cash way back when, and I just love the music, the stories and especially the story of Johnny and June. I can't tell you how many times I've watched the movie and yet it always sweeps me up and makes me wish we were living in another time.

If you want some great story telling, I highly, HIGHLY suggest reading Cash: The Autobiography. Hear him say things like his only regret in marrying June is that her formidable talents tend to be overlooked as a result of his success. Good man.


Little Joy

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm obsessed with Little Joy. Officially.


How awesome does Emma Watson look in this Teen Vogue photoshoot?! She's adorable! And in true nerd style, I cannot WAIT for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...less than a month away!

via Daily Decadence.

PS-Have you seen this yet? SO GOOD!


Re: Ghetto Fabulous

Click HERE to see my latest "DIY" Project. Wish me luck!


Ghetto Fabulous

I used to be far more ghetto fab than I am today, and this whole M.J. situation (I still can't believe it's true) has got me thinking back on the old days. I want to look like one of the dancers from the "Bad" video or just Michael in his glory days of the early 80s - I want to look like a band leader (in Balmain, of course). A collage of sorts for your enjoyment:

It's the End of an Era

I refuse to believe it.

Lofts and Pianos

These are a few of my favorite things.

La Porte Rouge


uh oh

Thou shalt not covet, right? Well, is it bad that I'm coveting this Ungaro chained knit hoodie?? I didn't think so.

Words to live by

I've been in a funk lately. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the bar (actually, it probably is the bar), but lately I've been feeling like my life is on pause while the rest of the world is passing me by. Above, some words I'm attempting to live by...hope they can bring you some inspiration too!

From here



Daisy Lowe on the cover of i-D Magazine (beware: there's music, so maybe NSFW!) How hot is that cover?!

Another Rainy Day

I think I'd be ok with this gloomy weather if I had these gorgeous Jimmy Choo for Hunter faux crocodile rain boots. Delicious.



Somewhere right now, Lady Gaga's head is exploding over these gorgeous dresses by Irina Shaposhnikova via Today and Tomorrow.

Black and White

yes, yes, yes!

The Sartorialist

On Repeat: Mos Def "The Ecstatic"

I'm obsessed. Soul/jazz/hip-hop/funk...ain't nothing wrong with that!

Rackk and Ruin DIY

I was so impressed by this amazing DIY over at Rackk and Ruin that I just had to share it here. Get the full directions here.

The inspiration:

The before:

The after:

$10 thrifted boots, 2 zippers (ripped from used levi's nonetheless) and some black shoe polish = a new pair of boots!

As I commented on her blog, I once did a salvage project of my parents' AMAZING 1970s leather couches (shipped from Norway!) after they were destroyed in Hurricane Andrew. I had to tear out all the rusted zippers and sew in new ones, and let me tell you...sewing through leather is NOT an easy feat! My fingers were completely raw for weeks after. But it was worth it, I'm still displaying them proudly in my apartment!


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Welcome to the Jungle

I'm still dreaming about loft living. Loving Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini loft via The Selby. One day....one day...