I know it's every jewelry designer's dream to have a career like Pamela Love's but...damn, I think I might be dreaming of having an apartment (and wardrobe!) like hers too!
 I'll take the awesome studio space too.

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Size Medium Please

Hey, Modcloth...send this "Sweetheart of Mine" dress on over. Please? Pretty please?!

What I Wore

Two really great looks, no?


Dog Walker

I wish I could look this good when I take Zero for a walk...

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Rock 'n Renew

We are proud to announce that Heist is teaming up with Rock 'n Renew for the "Invest to Improve" charity event on October 22! Rock 'n Renew is a musician-run charity that uses art and music to raise awareness about sustainable living and green solutions. 

If you're going to be in the NYC area be sure to stop by and bid on some Heist items in the silent auction (as well as the other amazing items which will be available...hello spa package!)

Oh, and if Rock 'n Renew partner, Debbie Harry, happens to win a Heist item I'm going to completely lose it!



UFFIE - Difficult from Uffie on Vimeo.
New Uffie. Love the song, LOVE the video!


Watercolor Skaters

I'm obsessed with these watercolors by artist, Christopher St. Leger. They invoke memories of many a wasted day during my high school years.


To a Room with some Lace and Paper Flowers

...And You See Your Gypsy.

I realize it's a little strange to create a Stevie Nicks post while watching the Dolphins game but that's just the way I operate! Go 'Phins!


Kansas Couture

Of the many, many fashion and personal style blogs I regularly read, I must say that one of my favorites is Kansas Couture. Not only do I love Katy's sense of style (60s inspired, girlie, lots of bows!) but this girl is on a budget...no, seriously. She's not mixing thrift store finds with Chanel, she frequents Forever 21 and Marshalls as much as she does thrift stores and flea markets, and most of her finds are well under $25. Now that is a personal style blog that I can relate to!


Hey look! The lovely Hal of Halcoholic.com has styled and featured our Tea Rose Knuckle ring! Be sure to stop by and check out the entire post.

(How awesome are those JC Litas!?)


Under the Boardwalk

Are you hooked on Boardwalk Empire yet? I am! And I love, love, LOVE this new Vanity Fair spread featuring the actresses from the show...brilliant!