Custom Order: Kelly & Kid!

A friend of a friend ordered a custom designed nameplate for another friend after seeing this adorable Heist ring.

What makes me really happy about this ring is that "Kid" is actually Kelly's dog! I love it!

Want something similar? Just shoot me an e-mail!


It's Go Time!

The new Heist website is officially up and running! Big huge thank you to my beautiful model, Kelly Webner, and my amazing photographer, Mirtha Funcia...I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out!

Stop by and see our new Gallery or see all the places where Heist has been featured on the new As Seen In page.

...and all those beautiful new pieces of jewelry you see? I will be listing them in our Boutique all next week, so stay tuned for updates, giveaways and other fun goodies!

Finally, thank you so much to all my wonderful customers and blog readers - you're the best!



...or a peek of feathers?

The same as my earlier post, but with feathers. Is this a new trend in the works?

A Peek of (Faux) Fur

...at least that better be faux!

I like this spin on layering.


A Preview

Yesterday's photo shoot for the new Heist collection (coming soon!) was absolutely amazing! Our model, Kelly, looked absolutely stunning and the photographer, Mirti, really got some great shots. I'm so excited to get everything posted in the boutique soon - I can't wait to show everyone what I've been working on!

PS-Why am I posting this and doing other productive things while I should be diving, you ask? Dive rescheduled due to choppy water. Thanks, mother nature!


The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

After posting this, I started to realize that perhaps it's my Mom's native Norway that I have the urge to move to.  I discovered these old family photos of my Grandmother and Grandfather on their farm in Norway and I think it's pretty much what I'm craving...or perhaps it's just been too long since my last visit...

The Hots

I'm loving the combination of hot pink and hot orange right now. I like that she used a crisp white shirt to tone the whole look down too.

Via and Via


Are You For Scuba?

I spent this past weekend in Jupiter, FL working on my scuba certification. It's always been on my list to do and I finally had the opportunity to do it. We had our first ocean dive yesterday and after next Sunday's boat dive I will officially be certified in both Open Water and Nitrox!

Here's a picture of me on yesterday's dive:
(I'm the one on the bottom)

...And just because I saw these pictures on The Moon Bodega while discovering the photos above, and even though they relate to nothing, I'm going to share them here because they're adorable. You're welcome!:

Kindle The Fire In Your Chest

I just found the perfect blog, with the perfect pictures to suit my mood as of late. I've been craving a move to somewhere beautiful and scenic and I think these pictures pretty much sum up the place I've been dreaming about.

Be sure to check out Oh, Pioneer!

"The only people who ever get any place interesting are the people who get lost." - Thoreau


The Hunted and Gathered

Check out the Bride's Quartz Ring that we made (click here to get the full story on this ring) featured today on The Hunted and Gathered! Awesome!


Dinosaur Feathers

Family Waves by Dinosaur Feathers from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

It's no secret that I'm a huge sucker for some good vocal harmonies, so it's no surprise that when I heard Dinosaur Feathers open up for Peter, Bjørn and John, I was immediately hooked. Please see the above for a good example. I'm obsessed. Enjoy!


Feeling the Love: Wedding Day!

Check out this picture by Alethea, in Boston, MA, wearing her Heist 2-finger "Mrs. Foul" ring on her wedding day! I love it!



"You can't connect the dots looking forward...believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path..."


Ralph Lauren RRL

This is not vintage photography! These are from Ralph Lauren RRL. Brilliant!


As Seen In: What I Wore for Timex

Jessica Quirk shows us her weekend style, which includes her Heist "Q" Scrabble Piece Necklace, over on What I Wore for Timex!

Watch the video below - she describes her Scrabble Piece as "quirky and cute!"