Best thing since Sliced Bread

I can't get enough, effing love her! (and need those sunglasses!)


Iggy Pop!

The other night I went to the Sweat Records/Iggy Pop shindig at Awarehouse in Miami. I got close enough to Iggy to get a couple good shots:

I thought I was being super slick, until:

That's me in the red being completely UN-slick on Cool.Pool.Events! Whoops!
Here I am looking slightly less uncool with my buddy, MJ, from Awesome New Republic via Miami New Times:



One more moment of pride...Is that Heist on the BETSEY JOHNSON FACEBOOK PAGE?!?! Wow.

"Give me a Mullet, please"

Words I never dreamed of uttering in a salon, but I said it, they did it (well, a modified one at least), and I LOVE it!


Ok, ok I can freely admit when I'm a total cliché, and now is one of those moments. First I must admit it: I'm obsessed with Twilight. There. I said it.
Next admission: I'm obsessed with Kristen Stewart (as much as I don't want to be).

Tomorrow I'm headed out to a new salon for a haircut. My inspiration? Kristen Stewart's new Joan Jett 'do:

And this:


Lolliblog & Rock 'N Roll Bride

You might remember that a while back I wrote about a batch of Knuckle rings that I made for the lovely Kristi. Well she was nice enough to send me a picture of her bridesmaids wearing the rings, and then I received an Etsy message from ceeleedesigns alerting me to the fact that they featured me on their blog and that it was also picked up by Rock 'N Roll Bride, pretty cool huh?!

I must say, the wedding turned out amazing, how gorgeous does Kristi look! And the photography looks great too! Congrats!

Update: East Side Bride has also done a little write up on the Knuckle Rings at Kristi's wedding! (Big HUUUUUGE thanks to MeMelodia for being my informal brand manager!)


Project: Tile Art!

You may recall that a while back I bought some awesome tiles to make some tile art with. Well, after some hard work (much more than I anticipated), I can finally say that it's finished!


Some help cutting tiles (I'm too big of a wussy with table saws):

Cutting frames/The project supervisor:


Priming (with a lazier project supervisor):

Frame assembly:

Setting the tiles (finally!):

The finished product!


Custom Order: "Elyse" Nameplate

My great friend, Lauren, recently ordered a nameplate for her cousin. Not exactly the graffiti nameplate (not quite age appropriate for a 13 year old), but something "fun." Well here's what I came up with. I'm happy to report that it was a hit!

Do you want one too? Something similar? Something completely different? Just ask!


Church, anyone?

I am ooohing and aaaahing all over the place for this converted church in Westport, MA. Those bookcases are killing me! Via A Cup of Jo.

Dog Day Afternoon

Zero and his buddies, Leila, Penny and Judo, spending the afternoon on Key Biscayne.


"Money is a Sick Muse"

Now that I'm done with school and I have plenty of time to sit and ponder (damn recession!), I've been thinking a lot about the next step. I'm constantly dodging the "what's next?" question that I receive almost every day (sometimes from others, mostly from myself). I think this article/interview with Rory Edelman by Geri Hirsch of because i'm addicted sums it up pretty nicely.

Although I can't answer the question yet, it most certainly involves terms such as "with my dog lying next to me" and "wall-sized inspiration boards."

Photos by Paul Graves
*Currently listening to: Metric "Sick Muse"


Introductions: Radioactive Nachos

One of my great friends (and fellow Super Freak), Alethea, has an adorable and talented son who just started his very own blog, RadioActive Nachos, to showcase his artistic talents! How cool is this kid?! He created a super hero called "Anarky" who rocks an Anarchy logo on his costume! Gah!

Stop by and leave him tons of comments to welcome him to the blogging world!

Update: Desmond has informed me that he did not invent the character "Anarky" - regardless, I'm still quite impressed!