I love eye candy, so it makes sense that I love blogs with lots of pictures and few to no words. My new blog discovery, mar, fits the bill perfectly (thanks for the intro Rackk and Ruin!) So I will stop typing now and give you a little assortment of what I found there:


Sure, she looks great and I love the spread but...where can I get some awesome wooden crates like these?!



The Original Hipsters

"Your dad had unkempt hair before you did."

 "Your dad had colored jeans before you did and he has the red dye on his legs to prove it."

 "Your dad was skinny before you were."

 "Your dad wore short shorts before you did and he has the upper thigh tan lines to prove it."

 "Your dad ate local fair trade produce before you did and he has dirt under his finger nails to prove it."

 "Your dad rode a skateboard before you did and he has a picture in Thrasher to prove it."


Sky Ranch

This ridiculously amazing loft in Seattle is built on top of a warehouse on a Seattle waterway. How amazing is that bookcase view?!

Miller Hull via Remodelista


Olive and Orange

That's one hell of a top knot! But I'm really loving these looks from Orla Kiely's diffusion line, Olive and Orange. Cute!


Wasson Inspiration

An oldie, but a goodie...Erin Wasson's loft as featured in The Selby. My ultimate inspiration. What can I say? I like quirkiness!

In the Summertime

Are you ready?


April Showers Bring May Flowers

I'm in LOVE with this casual, rainy-day look. Now that it's almost time for some spring showers, I think this would be an excellent look to try out myself!



As I'm currently in the process of signing a lease on a new apartment, I've been trolling Apartment Therapy looking for ideas and inspiration for my new place. Although this space in Philadelphia is nothing like my apartment, I still thought it was eclectically beautiful enough to share here.

"Doub transformed her once run-of-the-mill garage in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia into a free-spirited space that screams fun, resourcefulness and a serious sense of style. The unassuming exterior and the raw interior is what attracted her to the space and she was able to see a diamond in the rough."