Happy Holidays!

Due to holiday week festivities (frantically searching for last minute gifts!), I have decided to take a brief break from blogging. Instead, I will be spending all the extra time I have dreaming up and creating some new jewelry designs. I've been experimenting with some new techniques and I'm sloooooowly getting better...hopefully soon I'll have something to show you. So until then...Happy holidays!



Heist featured in Weekly Dig!!!

Heist was featured in Boston's weekly entertainment magazine Weekly Dig! They included Heist's Scrabble Piece Charm in their "Main Squeeze" section listing their picks for essential last minute holiday shopping!


Inspiration: Sally Jane Vintage

I'm a little hesitant to write this post because I am seriously considering purchasing some of these ebay items and I don't want anyone else getting their claws on them first! But I couldn't resist writing something about the amazing style over at Sally Jane Vintage. I love the way she styles these blog photos and I will never understand how she finds these amazing vintage pieces...but I guess I will leave it up to her, she appears to be good at it!

Above, an image from one of her "What I'm Wearing" posts.


Beware Our Nubile Miscreants

Of Montreal Performance from More Dust Than Digital on Vimeo.
Sorry for the lack of posts, but until Tuesday I am absolutely SWAMPED! So until then (or at least for another day or so) enjoy this (mostly) acoustic of Montreal performance recorded in Seattle last month. Amazing as always.



I spent the better portion of this morning designing an owl charm for my good friend, Jessica, to give her sister as a Christmas present this year. Is it a coincidence that I somehow came across this Owltober book on Apartment Therapy? I think not. This coffee table book has a different owl illustration for every day of October (you can see the first 15 pages if you click the link above)...like they said:
"Animal fads come and go, but owls are here to stay. There's just something about an animal with an angry unibrow that will forever have a place in our hearts."


Introductions: GeminiTactics

As the readers of this blog are well aware, I am basically obsessed with of Montreal. Well I am ALSO obsessed with the work of lead singer, Kevin Barnes' wife, Nina, which she does under the title GeminiTactics. I'm especially fond of her "ow love" series, which you can see two of my favorites from, above. She is also responsible for a lot of the of Montreal merchandise, including this tote bag that I ordered. You can purchase some GeminiTactics designed T-shirts at the Satisfactory Etsy site and she also has work for sale through her myspace page (the link above). I still have my eye on the hoodie, below, that I didn't get a chance to purchase at the oM show (I haven't decided if I would actually wear it yet!):

Interesting Find: Lego Construction

I love these lego installations by Jan Vormann in public places located in Tel Aviv, Israel and Bocchignano, Italy! There's something so out-of-place yet totally normal about them.


Heist now available at Magpie!

Hi friends! I am pleased to report that the wonderful Magpie is soon to be a Heist seller! Be sure to stop by in the next few weeks to see one of our new homes. If you're in the Boston area, Magpie is located in Somerville in Davis Square. Be sure to scope out all the other handmade goods created by indie designers and local artists too. It's the perfect place to do some Christmas shopping!


Feeling the Love: Nabiha!

Check out Nabiha, from Chicago, wearing her brand new "Bee" 2-finger ring! It looks great on her and it's always great to hear that someone "never wants to take it off!"

Keep sending these pictures in, folks...I love them!

More Gabe Dixon Band!

Our friend, Gabe, of the Gabe Dixon Band (and another School of Music alum) is at it again! See the band perform "Disappear," "Till You're Gone" and "Five More Hours" at LiveDaily Sessions.


Too good NOT to post

I just couldn't resist posting this little tid-bit about Heist friend and fellow University of Miami School of Music alum, Sha-Ron Prescott.

Yep! That's him listed there at the bottom for vocals on the Lil' Wayne track, Mr. Carter, featuring Jay Z! As if that's not enough, the album, The Carter III, is up for eight, yes, EIGHT, Grammys! Congrats!


I just innocently stopped by A+R, and now look what I've done! Below, a few new items to obsess over:

P.A.D.'s Gold Knuckles Mug.

Tsutoma Iseya's Eggling Crack 'n' Grow

And the one I'm dreaming about above all others: Harry Allen's Rollerstop Bookend/Doorstop


Interesting Find: Retro Faucets!

I guess I'm in a retro kind of mood today, first Frankie Valli and now retro dishmaster faucets from Dishmaster Living.

This model is the "Sidesaddle Sue" and evidently these are great for conserving water when used instead of a dishwasher. While that's great and all, I just think it's cute!

Entertainment for a Busy Day

Today is shaping up to be one of those crazy busy days which leaves no time for fun things. So before I get down to business, I just wanted to share some stuff that I found...hopefully your day leaves more time for watching great things like this than mine does! First off, the video above. I've been seeing this commercial on TV and I want to be at this party (especially today where it seems the work will never end)! I think part of the reason is the amazing re-mix of the Frankie Valli song, "Beggin'". After some research I discovered this awesome video re-mix that accompanies it...which is just as amazing as the song! Enjoy!


Interesting Find: Feltidermy

Having just returned from hanging out with my dog, Zero (who happens to be the greatest dog on the face of this planet), and after reading Rhiannon's post about her dog, I got to thinking about our Pets and how much we love them. It was perfect timing for me to stumble upon a few etsy sellers who came up with some cute ideas to honor them. Above, Girlsavage who makes these beautiful feltidermy and plush creatures and offers custom orders in the likeness of your pet. Or how about a commissioned pet portrait by Candiceart:

And below, the most handsome of them all, Zero!