Back in the Saddle

As a little continuation of my last post, some more pictures! This time these pictures are of some of my new copper pieces that are in the works (and some really dirty hands):

And below, some pictures I've been snapping:

 1. Day and Night

 2. Hanging in the studio

 3. A trip to one of my favorite places, the Florida Everglades.


In The Studio

A few snaps I took with my phone in the studio during a little "crash course" in which I learned/brushed up on some jewelry-making techniques. I have some beautiful new pieces that I hope to share soon.


Just an awesome photo

See you back here on Sunday after my return from Key West. Have a happy weekend!! xo


Pacific Northwest

 One of the places that I've never been and have been dying to visit is the Pacific Northwest (ahem, Forks). Looking at these pics, can you really blame me?