HEIST is a line of luxury jewelry and handbags designed and hand-made in the Heist studio located in Miami, Florida. Heist combines the slightly gritty and macabre with a bohemian street style fashion sense that reflects the unique aesthetic of designer Tiffany Zadi. A fascination with the derelict and dilapidated appears in pieces such as the Heist Femur Rings and pendants made from molds of rodent vertebrae. A nostalgia for by-gone eras results in recycled leather handbags and vintage brass bell necklaces altered with natural quartz. A pull towards the rough-and-tumble aspects of life leads to knuckle rings and jewelry made to look like it was pierced by bullets.

HEIST HANDBAGS are the latest addition to the Heist brand. Exclusively sold through the Heist Etsy Store, Heist Handbags are completely hand-made using only carefully selected recycled vintage leather. The combination of perfectly worn-in recycled leathers and fabrics, sewn by hand, results in a one-of-a-kind bag that belongs to you and no one else.