Fall clothes inspiration.


Not the Typical

Thanks to Rackk and Ruin, I have discovered my new favorite Street Style blog, Streetfsn. It feels a little more behind-the-scenes and not as posed as other photographers' work (not that I don't love the Sartorialist as much as the next guy)...plus the photography really makes me happy.


Time Out!

Our Silver Amethyst Geode Ring is featured on the Time Out New York site! 
Visit the site and click lucky number 7 to see us...


Ruby Autumn/Winter 2010

Just a little dream shopping...



I think it's time to invest in some clogs.

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Walking Disaster

For all my South Florida friends, If you weren't at the Agency reunion show this past Saturday...you missed out! Here's some rehearsal footage of their song "Walking Disaster." Do you have pleasant memories of your youth listening to this? I sure do! Enjoy! xo



I can't wait for my bangs to be all grown out so I can attempt my own off-duty-super-model look.

Ah, to be able to just throw my hair up like this...

Or this...

Patience is a virtue, no?


Black Flag

In case you were unsure of what to do with that old Black Flag shirt you have lying around...

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Photo Perfection

Oh, how my obsession with Mad Men runs deep. How great are these Rolling Stone shots?