As Seen In: Good Morning America!

Check out celebrity chef and New York Times Best Selling Author, Devin Alexander, wearing her Heist Scrabble Piece charm and Double Layer Ruby Ring on Good Morning America!

 Here's the clip from abcnews.com:

Big thanks to Angela and everyone else over at Devin Alexander HQ for making this happen! xo



If I can't get the ClockTower Penthouse I mentioned earlier, I would love to get my claws on this little Amsterdam houseboat instead!
Look at this little visitor!


Anyone wanna go halfsies on this with me??

Located in DUMBO NYC, this ClockTower Building penthouse just went on the market for $25 Million!


Show Me The Money

Kathy Buszkiewicz of Cleveland, OH makes these amazing jewelry pieces out of U.S. Currency and Wood! She says:

Value is placed upon the power of crafting worthless materials into beautiful objects. The color & designs of U.S. currency symbolically link it with fertility cycles. The green money and decorative motifs are inexhaustibly of vegetation. It speaks to us of our ability to be fruitful in the world.

Want to talk about cost for materials? The first piece listed above, 6080, $1,850, is made of 304 $20 bills!

Heads Up

So I am in the process of packing up my home of the last 4 years and putting everything into storage so I can return to my hometown of Miami for a few months. The Etsy Boutique will remain open during this time but please expect some small delays for processing orders over the next few weeks. As always, please let me know if you have a strict deadline and I can always work with you to make it happen!

As for the picture above...this week's LOST was a real tear jerker, huh?

She's at it Again...

Jessica over at What I Wore is wearing her "Q" Scrabble Piece charm...in Paris! Check out the complete photo post here.