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I'm off to St. Augustine, FL for the week! I'll be back to check in with all you beautiful readers upon my return. Have a good one!

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Mind Warp

"Warping Wallpaper Technology: Our product dissolves limits between architecture, wallpaper and hangings, with the wallpaper functioning as sensitive go between."


A Day With Peter, Bjørn and John

As some of you may know, my great friends own the Ms. Cheezious food truck here in Miami. When they asked me to work the truck this past Friday for a special event with Peter, Bjørn and John, of course I was thrilled. I am a fan after all!

They showed up and enjoyed some sandwiches and they were all very lovely to us and the fans that showed up to eat and chat with them at the truck.
We snapped some pictures with them before they headed out and they were kind enough to add us to the list for their show that night.

The show was amazing, of course. And on my way out the door, they invited me to go have a few post-show beers with them at a nearby restaurant. I joined them and had an amazingly great time having some beers and great conversation (especially with Bjørn, whom I bonded with over our shared Scandinavian heritage).

All in all, it was a great day and unique experience. I highly recommend you go check them out when they come to your town!

Orchid Grey

I know absolutely nothing about the blog Orchid Grey, but I really liked this little get-up and felt like I should share. Pretty great, right?



Sally Jane Vintage is one of the first blogs that I started reading way back when, and I'm still a loyal reader to this day. She hasn't done this in a while, but I used to love seeing her "Four Ways" posts where she took a particular vintage piece and styled it up in, well, four ways.

Lots of inspiration in the looks above, here's hoping she brings them back one day soon!


Eye Candy: Part Deux

I can't stop peeping all my favorite Street Style blogs! This particular post happens to be from STREETFSN


Eye Candy

London Fashion Week via my new favorite blog, Caroline's Mode.


Heist! Fun for all Ages!!!

Who cares about the bracelet...the box is so much more fun!

Recognize the bracelet on her wrist?

Another creative use for that cute little Heist box? How about a travel container for your jewelry!


Hey look! I've pretty much planned my entire Fall wardrobe using Asos.com! Everything from boots worn with shorts (black tights optional) to blazers and cute scarves. I love imaginary shopping (kinda)...

Oh...but that Michael Kors watch? It WILL be mine!