Happy Halloween!

I was just on the Sally Jane Vintage blog and I just had to steal her collection of vintage Halloween Flickr photos to post for all to see...so creepy! Happy Halloween!

Ninjas Prove It: Recap

Last night I went to see of Montreal at the Orpheum Theater in Boston. 1st impression - Walking past the two monstrous tour buses out front, the lobby filled with pre-teens and their parents, and up the 4 flights of stairs to our seats in the back (this was "best available" on the morning tickets were made available?!), this band has really changed since the last time I saw them. Good thing I made it to that intimate show last year, looks like things might never be the same again.

Not to fear, the show really was amazing! I guess the best way to describe it is as some weird avant-garde play - roller skates, gallows, minotaurs? Yep, they all made an appearance. And of course the band was ridiculously on point. Would I go see them again? I think my answer is still a firm "yes, of course!"

To stream some audio that was recorded for Minnesota Public Radio:


Mad Men Design Style

Do you love Don Draper's 1960s Power Office so much that you want to have one of your very own? Then you MUST click HERE! To quote Apartment Therapy, "Check out this photo spread (complete with modern day buying guide) of stylish and retro design elements that will have us all dripping with political incorrectness and sexual innuendos in no time."


Introductions: Carrie Rodriguez

When our good (and amazingly talented) friend, Hans Holzen, called us up a few months ago saying he was playing a gig with an "amazing" singer named Carrie Rodriguez, of course we had to go check it out. Well, he wasn't lying, she really is amazing! On Friday I got a message from him saying that PBS was airing a half-hour set that they did at Austin City Limits and I managed to catch the re-run last night...amazing, yet again! Check out photos and a video for my personal favorite "She Ain't Me" HERE, just scroll down past the Jakob Dylan stuff. Don't you just love a girl that can hang with the boys?? Enjoy!


They're All Mine!

As promised, I'd like to introduce you to my latest ebay acquisition...I'm THIS much closer to becoming an equestrian!

PS-I'm extra proud because they were DIRT CHEAP!


The Perfect Friday

After living in Boston for 2 years, I JUST discovered heaven-on-earth is in my own backyard! I spent about 3 hours yesterday at the Cambridge Antique Market rifling through 5 floors (and over 150 vendors) worth of amazing antiques.

I would have to say my favorite item in the entire place was a set of Beatles mugs, but after viewing the $1,300 price tag...well, I settled for a $2.00 1960's children's book instead. Oh, and the vintage bike basement? Well, they basically had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming.

What I was really searching for was a vintage typewriter (or clock, or dishes or anything really) in my favorite blue color - but having a goal in mind at an antique store is probably the worst shopping approach. No luck this time but...I'll be back! What would I have done with a vintage typewriter if I had actually found one?

Photo via Apartment Therapy.


That perfect shade of blue...again

This "1920's deco studio rental" via Apartment Therapy's Fall Colors 2008 is absolutely stunning if you ask me!


This makes me Happy

Heist's good friends, the Gabe Dixon Band, just finished their tour co-headlining with Justin Nozuka. On the road, they began playing a cover of Bob Marley's "Is this Love" and the video above just appeared on You Tube. Sorry for the bad quality, but it was too cute not to post! Rumor has it that an official "collage" music video will be released in the near future so I'll be sure to post the real version once it's available. Until then, enjoy the video above! xo

Lust: Ruche

I was just on one of my favorite blogs, Liebemarlene Vintage, and she had a link posted to my new favorite online shop Ruche. It's like Anthropologie for those on a budget (like me)! I have my eye on the sold-out "mod striped babydoll dress" (above). I also stopped by the Ruche Blog and found this "28 ways to tie a scarf" guide...enjoy!

(Click for a larger view)


Introductions: The Runny Bunny

Introducing my new favorite Etsy discovery, The Runny Bunny. I'm particularly fond of her "Hybrid" sculptures featuring a bird with a boy's head, a Victorian woman with a bunny head...you get the picture. I think they're very refreshing and I'm strongly fighting the urge to purchase a few!

Custom Order: "Retro" Needlepoint Charm

Check out this Needlepoint Initial Charm made with custom colors for my cousin, Sherry, in NYC! Do you want your Needlepoint charm made with these colors? Or do you have a different color scheme in mind? Just send me a message!


Inspiration: Equestrianism

Out of fear that I've posted one too many of Montreal posts and lost everyone's interest, I've decided to do a second post today. This time, on a NEW found obsession of mine...Equestrianism! Perhaps I've watched a bit too much Mad Men and Betty Draper has invaded my mind. Well, my hunt continues for the perfect brown vintage riding boots (the picture of the boots in the collage are on my ebay watch list and they WILL be mine in 3 days!) Also on my list, the perfect equestrian tweed blazer!

And the Obsession Continues: of Montreal

Some acoustic of Montreal courtesy of Bandstand Busking for your enjoyment! Click the link to see two more acoustic of Montreal videos.


Heist Extras: Buttons!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, in the very near future I will begin including a little something extra in all Heist orders. I've been working with Piping Hot Papers to create some cute little buttons. I chose to do her "DIY buttons" where I create the images in photoshop, cut them out and then send them to her to make into buttons! How easy is that? I tried to make the images as wearable as possible, not just an advertisement, so hopefully you can have fun with them...enjoy!


Time's Running Out!

Time is running out for our Needlepoint Charm pre-order! Remember, you can only get free domestic shipping on orders placed until October 20. That gives you only 4 more days to get your order in! After that...well, you're on your own! Place your order through the Etsy store by clicking HERE. Thanks so much for the support!


New Etsy layout

Be sure to stop by the Etsy Store to see the brand new design. We even have a new cute little avatar!

PS - Coming soon to a Heist order near you...expect a cute little surprise in all your orders!


Custom Order: 2-finger Bar Ring

Check out this custom ring Heist has designed for Etsy customer Petitepenguin! Want something similar? Or do you have a design idea of your very own? Send me a message and let's see what we can come up with...I live for this stuff!


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Countdown: Skeletal Lamping Tour

of Montreal has officially kicked off their Ninjas Prove It tour and the first reviews are in. Stereogum has posted a review of their Roseland Ballroom show in NYC and it is glowing! I can't wait for the Boston show! Check out the images above...how can that show NOT be good?

The main set's big finish had a coffin wheeled out onto stage, and from it emerged Barnes, covered in shaving cream. After the song, he said "I want to give you a hug!" and ran and hugged the first row...We had no idea how they could possibly top that, but they managed it with a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Andrew from MGMT was on that. The place went apeshit. Only Nirvana has played it better.

Also, check out NPR to stream the audio from their D.C. show and to hear an interview with Kevin Barnes. xo


Introductions: Altardbeast

I just discovered Altardbeast's Etsy shop and couldn't resist posting my 2 favorite "Estranged Species" prints! Not only are the prints really unique but just listen to some of the titles: "Your Bleeting Heart" (Sheep) and "You Make a Good Point" (Porcupine). Still not in love with this guy? Maybe this interview excerpt will help:
What first made you want to become an artist? I was just glad to have something to fall back on when my childhood aspiration of being a ninja mad scientist didn’t pan out. I still check Craigslist. You never know.


Lust: Vintage Riding Boots

I would kill right about now to have these boots available in my size!

Photo via La Meow Vintage. Someone please buy them so I can live vicariously!


Introductions: Lieblingslauf

On those days when I'm feeling particularly bored with my life, I like to head over to Heist's good friend, Lieblingslauf's blog to see what's new with her. Not to make myself feel any better, but just to make sure I know that my feelings are justified! Head over to her blog to see her amazing photography and the glorious life she's living over in Berlin! xoxo


Heist for sale at Oak!

We now have our Scrabble Piece and Needlepoint Initial Charms for sale at Oak! Oak is a boutique in Boston featuring tons of handmade clothing and gifts - located at 31 Gloucester Street on the corner of Newbury and Gloucester. Be sure to visit the Oak Blog for updates on what new things they have for sale...trust me, there's plenty of fun goodies! Also, if you are in the Boston area you should stop by the Baked Fresh Market in the South End tomorrow to visit Oak and all the other artists and vendors. I hope to see you there! xo


Needlepoint Charms available for pre-order now!

Head over to the Etsy store to pre-order your Needlepoint Initial charms today! As a big thank you for pre-ordering a charm, we are offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders placed until October 20! Get all the information on Etsy!