Time's ticking and I'm getting more and more excited!


Balmain Inspiration

I added these pics of Diane Kruger in Balmain to my jewelry inspiration board. I'm not sure why exactly, but I just find them inspiring.

It's official!!!

I passed the bar! I can officially add "Esq." to the end of my name!

Photo by Derek Vincent.

Big thanks to Kristen over at Fragmented Fascinations for THIS!


Creative Photography

I love these clever jewelry photos by Anita Calero! (via A Cup of Jo)


Press 1 for...

After dealing with one too many of those annoying phone menus and then getting a parking ticket, these "lessons" carved into wooden desk tops pretty much hit the spot!


Operation: Photoshoot!

Be sure to swing by the STORE to see your favorite new Heist items actually being worn by a real-life person!


Obsession: La Roux!

Currently on my iPod on repeat, La Roux! LOVE IT! Check out one of my faves, "Bulletproof," below:




Coming soon to the store, more Bronze!

Soon to be earrings

"Wing of the Bat" charms...in Bronze

Bronze Fang Charms

Bronze Geode Necklaces

Mini Bloodsucker charms...in Bronze

"Pile O' Skulls" Rings

Spine Charms...in Bronze

Feeling the Love: @StudioSarah!

So my great friend (with whom I road-tripped from Miami to Los Angeles with) contacted me recently to get a custom-made 4-finger ring for a photoshoot she was having. Her word of choice? "@StudioSarah" - her twitter name! So fun! Well the photos turned out great and I was super excited to get my very own copy of the amazing photo above...thanks Sarah!

PS-Be sure to stop by Sarah's site for links to her music pages and blog!

PPS-Only one more day to get your AMA Gift Bag vote in! Thanks to everyone who participated so far.


Heist goes to the AMAs!!!!

Hi friends,
I am SO proud to report that Heist is going to the 2009 American Music Awards!!! We've teamed up with The Sampler and will have our items in the gift bags and in the gifting suite!

Now here's where I need your help, dear readers:
What Heist item should be included in the gift bags?!

I've put up a little poll in the right column of this page, so please cast your vote. If you have another idea just leave a comment on this post. Here's the criteria:
  • No rings ( I don't have ring sizes)
  • No customizable pieces (I don't have initials for Scrabble Piece charms, etc.)
Other than that...what would you recommend?

Thanks for your help! xoxox

Lovin' on Uffie

I must admit I don't know a ton about this girl...but she sure does look like fun!

Uffie Pop The Glock from Uffie on Vimeo.



Well, I missed my flight this morning. I thought it was today when it was actually yesterday! I'm all packed and ready to...unpack. I'm going to get pampered with a new haircut (the same one, just all spiffed up). If you're in Miami, you've got me for another week!

Photo credit


In Pieces

Wow!!!!! From Viktor & Rolf Spring '10 via Today and Tomorrow



I NEEEEEEED THIS JACKET!!!! (via Rackk and Ruin)

Oh! And I'll take just about the entire 2010 Balmain collection too!! (via Because I'm Addicted)

And completely unrelated, I had to post this photo because I love it (and because I love braids!)


New in the Store: Bloody Fangs!

Twilight/True Blood obsession gone too far? NAH! Head over to the store and check out the latest addition: the Bloody Fang Necklace!

I've been wearing mine for a few weeks now and I just can't get enough of it!

Speaking of my Twilight obsession, how amazing does my favorite guilty pleasure, Kristen Stewart, look in the new Interview mag!?

Obsession update: Loving the behind the scenes too!