Have you discovered Fabchannel yet? Watch streaming full length concerts right from the site without logging in, creating an account or anything else! Just search for your favorite artist and see what comes up. So far I've watched MGMT, Fiery Furnaces and Andrew Bird...and of Montreal (both times), of course. If you didn't get a chance to see them on their "Ninjas Prove It" tour, this is as close as you're going to get. This show is slightly more stripped down than the tour version, but there are still some theatrics and personally I prefer this version better.

And speaking of Andrew Bird, my good friend, Eddy, over at The Collapsaform Libraries has brought it to my attention that you can download his latest album, Noble Beast, free for personal use at Megaupload. Enjoy!


"Valentine or Anytime"

Just posted for sale in the STORE is the first charm in my series of "Valentine or Anytime" pieces, the "Industrial Heart" charm. Because why should we just celebrate love one day a year, right? I intend to make a few more pieces for this series and I have some ideas in mind...stay tuned!

Emily Easterly live concert on Etsy!

Heist's good friend, amazing singer and Smuttons creator, Emily Easterly, is performing a live concert on etsy right NOW! Head over and watch it...she sounds great!

Great buy

I was just checking all my usual blogs on Bloglovin' (Are you following the Heist blog yet? Click the link to the right to become a "follower") when I came across this amazing print on the MeMelodia blog. I immediately placed my order for the Murray Times Six Art Print. Why? Because I can't resist Bill Murray, of course!


Slumdog Millionaire

So I finally got around to seeing Slumdog Millionaire, and I must say that it DEFINITELY lived up to all the hype. I absolutely loved every second of it. It got me thinking about the documentary Born Into Brothels and the amazing photography made by children born in the Calcutta red-light district and taught by photographer Zana Briski:

Get more information here.


Coming soon to the STORE:

This little guy's story begins under a broken hot tub that we dug out of the ground. I found an old alligator toy buried that had been there for who knows how long. So I took him and made a mold of his head. A little ode to my hometown of Miami, I guess. I love how the charm turned out to look like an alligator coming to the water's surface in the Everglades. I think a portion of the proceeds of this charm might go to some sort of Everglades conservation fund...I'll have to do some research to find a worthy organization.

I'm calling this one an "Industrial Heart" charm. I wanted to make something for Valentine's Day but I must admit I'm not the type of person to be big into Valentine's Day and hearts and that whole thing. I figure there must be some others out there like me...so what about something right in between girlie and industrial?

There's no big story behind this one, really. I made a mold of a screw head, wanted to make a layered piece and this is what came out.

This piece was a bit of an experiment. A good friend of mine got an English bulldog about 1 week ago and she asked me to make a dog tag for him. I took some inspiration from my Faux Lizard Initial Charms and made this little beauty. I'm so pleased with it that I've decided to put it up for sale in the store for everyone else!

Introductions: Margaux Lange

I'm sitting in my apartment hiding from the snow storm by sipping tea and exploring Etsy and I just found this amazing jewelry collection by Margaux Lange. Her "Plastic Body Series" made from hand-fabricated sterling silver and barbie body parts are really inspiring me right now!

Update - It seems my Dexter addiction has gotten the best of me again: MeMelodia just brought it to my attention that this is creepily reminiscent of the "Ice Truck Killer" scenario from season 1...God, I'm so predictable!


The Perfect Gift for my Dad

I just picked up these awesome ceramic cups for my Dad's birthday. Designed by Netherlands artist, Rob Brandt, to look like Dixie cups...these are an amazingly clever commentary on our "disposable culture." Subtle lifestyle commentary aside, I'm sure he'll love them!



When I was living in Miami, I briefly managed a band called Pencilgrass (R.I.P.) Since I moved to Boston and the band went their separate ways, ex-Pencilgrass trumpet player, John Panos, has started a new project called Kings. The music is great and all (check out "talk is cheap" for one of my personal faves), but I'm more intrigued by the art posted on their myspace page, full of pop-culture references and cheekiness:


Happy Inauguration Day!

See the rest of the "Obama college years" pictures here.

My view of the inauguration...through my camera phone.


Inspiration: Poster Boy

In the Store Today...

Just posted in the STORE, is the Dexter inspired "Blood Spatter" charm. I've put up a posting for the coin edge, if you would rather have a rope edge, please contact me for a custom listing.

I've also made a mini "Blood Spatter" charm which will be up in the store as soon as I complete it (it's stitched but I'm waiting on some supplies so I can frame it). This version will measure approximately 1 inch.


An Ode to Dexter

Well, I've gone and done it! Remember this post about the amazing Dexter inspired line from Spring? Here is my very own ode to Dexter, a needlepoint "Blood Spatter" charm! Keep an eye out for it in the store in the near future. I'm guessing people will totally get it and love it, or totally not get it and hate it. How fun!

Inspiration: "Make Something Cool Everyday"


"Unicorn with a Unibrow Riding a Unicycle"




"A Scene from the Fictitious Horror Film, 'Honey Bear, Sweet Honey Bear'"

All photos from Laser Bread.

Interesting Find: Eric Tabuchi Photographs

Twentysix Abandoned Gas Stations by Eric Tabuchi.

Alphabet Truck by Eric Tabuchi.



Ebay Belt Buckles

I've spent most of the day cleaning out my closets and drawers, and in the process I discovered three belt buckles that I thrifted a long time ago, outgrew and then stuffed in a drawer. I figure it's as good a time as any to try my luck on ebay. I've sold a couple items in the past, but I'm in no way an expert, so this is one big experiment. Please stop by and if you're into belt buckles, bid!

"Screw" Belt Buckle

Famous Stars & Straps "Star" Belt Buckle

Canon Camera Belt Buckle

I Will Shed a Tear For Each Day That I Don't Own These Chairs

We all know that my Dexter addiction runs deep. So deep that the wonderful MeMelodia and I spend hours on the phone discussing what kind of Dexter inspired jewelry I could make. The idea is still very much alive, but after finding these amazing pieces, my level of inspiration is through the roof!

Dexter Chairs ("Bloody Comfortable")

Dexter Dinnerware ("hematolagnia - a love of blood")

Dexter Dismembered Flatware in Classic ("A truly disturbing place setting")

See the entire line at Spring

I Can Dream, Can't I?

Via Apartment Therapy.

What 5 degrees looks like...


Inspiration: Scandinavia

(click to enlarge)

Since I am half Norwegian (my Mom was born and raised in a small town by the Swedish border), I've spent a lot of time over the years visiting the area. I think that is why I am drawn to all things Scandinavian - the food, the culture, the landscape, everything! I guess I have Norway on the mind lately as it is inspiring some of my latest jewelry designs and maybe my fashion choices too. Or maybe it's just the frigid Boston weather (it's supposed to be a high of 10 degrees tomorrow!) that's drawing me to the cozy wool knits!
1) Heist's Vintage Norwegian button charms - soon to be available in the Store
2) Fashion from NorwayDesigns via Lifeiscarbon
3) Street Fashion from Stockholm via StockholmStreetStyle
4) A wool sweater knit by my Mother

For more (mostly Swedish) products, visit Northerner.com - they even ship to the U.S.!