Oh Land

Am I late to the game on Oh Land? Maybe this is old news to you, but if not...this album is pretty great and I've been listening to it a lot in the studio.


New, Sale, One of a Kind: Update 3

We're back for week three with 2 one-of-a-kind rings and, of course, some new and sale items. This is what we're working with this week 
(clockwise from upper left):

1.  Moonstone and Onyx Cocktail Ring - ONE OF A KIND! This is yet another piece that I made towards the end of last year but never posted in the store. Made in silver and featuring Moonstone and Onyx cabochons, this ring is bold and a little rough around the edges...which is what makes it so special.

2. Silver Seahorse Charm - NEW! Made from a mold of a tiny little seahorse, this charm is tiny and about as cute as they come.

3. Regal Cat Cameo Ring - ONE OF A KIND! You can get the silver version of this ring but this here is the original and the only one of its kind so snap it up before it's gone!

4. Copper Circle Geode Charm - SALE! This was a bit of an experiment. I absolutely love the Geode Necklace and wanted to see how this rough piece would look if made into a clean little circle. But then I never posted it (this is becoming a trend, huh?) Anyway, here it is! As of now, I'm unsure if I will be making more of them but for now it's up and it's on sale!

Check the store tomorrow to find these new pieces, as well as the remaining previously listed New, Sale and One-of-a-Kind items!


New, Sale, One of a Kind: Update 2

New, Sale, One-of-a-Kind is back for a second update! We immediately sold the One-of-a-Kind ring from last week but a limited quantity of the Copper Studded Heart Pendant is still available (Hearts! Valentines Day! Get on it, fellas!) as well as those new items.

This week we have a new array. Let's discuss shall we?
(Clockwise from upper left)

1. Tiger Eye Cocktail Ring - ONE OF A KIND! I made this ring before the Holidays and just never got around to posting it. This is actually one of my favorite rings because it reminds me of the '70s...and I really like the '70s. Plus, Tiger Eye is awesome. Everyone knows that.

2. Shooting Gallery Necklace - SALE! The name of this series was inspired by a song on one of my favorite albums, which just happens to have been made by my good friends, ANR (This song, to be precise). Anyway, long story short, this piece was made to look like it came out of a shooting gallery. And it does. I like when things work out like that.

3. Sterling Silver Vertebrae Pendant - NEW! Similar to the Vertebrae Necklace I posted last week, this piece is made to be worn alone on a thin silver chain. 
Simple. Cute. Awesome.

4. Vintage Brass Bell Necklace - NEW! As it stands now, these necklaces are only available in a limited quantity. The Brass bells were foraged from the bottom of an insanely packed (and completely awesome) thrift store here in Miami and they are altered with White Quartz, Citrine or Amethyst. Your choice.

More Updates coming soon!



Babes on Bikes

I know these pics have already made the fashion-blog rounds, but since one of my new years resolutions was to ride more bike (one week in and still going strong!) I thought it appropriate to post them here too.

The January Free People's catalog was shot in bike-friendly Amsterdam and supposedly marks the introduction of their new line of bike accessories: hand-tooled bike seats, embossed handlebar grips, hand-painted bike stands and more. I've searched the site and have found no evidence of such things, but I'm really excited to see the goods once they make their debut.

In the meantime, how cute are these pictures?! I'll take that Lace-Up vegan leather jacket please


New, Sale, One-of-a-Kind: Update 1

As part of the process of easing myself into a new year where it's no longer acceptable to sleep until noon and eat cookies for breakfast everyday (Holiday rules, ya know?), I set out to organize the Heist Studio.

To make room for all the exciting projects I'm getting busy with in the near future, I'm starting a little something I've informally dubbed "New, Sale, One-of-a-Kind." Over the next few weeks I will be updating the Etsy site with, you guessed it, New items, Sale items and...well, you get the point.

This first update will be the 4 items above:
(clockwise from upper left)
1. Copper Studded Heart Charm - SALE! I put this cutie out a few years ago, sold out and discontinued it, received requests for it, put it out again, and now here we are. I have 3 of these bad boys left and then that will be the end so snatch one up now before it's too late!

2. Vertebrae Necklace - NEW! I'm SO excited about this one! Made from a mold of a rodent vertebrae, this necklace has 4 vertebrae pieces cast in sterling silver, fit together perfectly, and threaded on a 24 inch sterling silver chain. It hangs so beautifully. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

3. Silver Shark Tooth Charm - NEW! This charm is made from a mold of a shark tooth and cast in sterling silver. It might look familiar, but this one is silver. Which is, like, totally different. 

4. Turquoise Cocktail Ring *SOLD* - ONE OF A KIND! This ring is a one-of-a-kind piece that was made towards the end of last year, photographed many times...and then never posted. It features a large Turquoise cabochon set in a sterling silver bezel accented with screw heads. Once this guy is gone, it's gone forever.

Keep an eye on the shop because I have many more of these updates coming!


Get Into It

Are you in the market for an antique bobcat skull or a "sexy ceramic lady bust"? Well, if you are, dear reader, you are in luck. I'd like to introduce you to two new shops, opened by some of my dear friends.

The Vessel Co.
Started last year by my good friends Tiffany and George, The Vessel Co. is an online shop that sells, well, vessels.

"The term vessel is stretched to its limits within our store, all an object must do is be able to contain. A spoon, a pouch, a basket, a grain scoop, can all be given a new purpose, and a second chance."

Diamonds and Rust
If you happen to find yourself in the Beverly, MA area be sure to stop by the perfectly curated treasure shop, Diamonds and Rust. From Pendleton camp blankets and Turkish Kilim rugs to a light house paint by number and the most beautiful wooden card catalog I've ever seen, this shop has it all. And if you don't happen to live nearby, you can always stop by their newly opened online store. 


A New Year

I never like to make short-sighted "lose 10 pounds" kinds of new years resolutions. I like to think of the new year as more of a clean breaking point to reassess where you are, where you've been and where you're going. And this year is no different. 

This little list that I found on Pinterest basically sums it all up. So here it is, all spelled out, so I can look at it often and be reminded. 

I hope your new years resolutions, no matter what they are, include a "be happy" in there somewhere too.