I Like Your Style

Although the weather here is starting to become a little less painful (in fact, the morning after I wrote this post, I woke up to dry, breezy weather - thanks for listening, Universe!), I still miss having a true Fall like the ones when I lived in Boston. I'm craving the Autumn colors of the northeast, pumpkin patches, apple picking, fire pits and (of course) weather cool enough for me to wear all my stashed Fall clothes!

This Friday I'm leaving for a 10 day adventure through Boston and New York to get my Autumn fix. Once I pulled all my cute boots from the attic (and pondered how to get away with packing seven pairs), I decided maybe I should use my Pinterest "I Like Your Style" board as inspiration to narrow it down. Using Pinterest for what it's meant to be used for?! This is too much.

So looking at the pin samples above, I guess it's pretty clear I'll be bringing scarves, booties, a chambray shirt, my leather jacket and anything plaid. Simple!

I guess it's not too enlightening but, hey, thanks for reminding me that I like layers, Pinterest!


DIY: Bik Bok

Earlier this summer, on my trip to Norway, I fell in love with a certain pair of shorts at the Bik Bok shop in Bergen. They caught my eye right away (as does mostly anything with studs...or plaid) but I couldn't justify paying the price for a pair of black shorts. My rational thinking was seriously tested upon seeing a Bik Bok employee rocking said shorts with sheer black tights but I managed to make an escape with the thought we all have but rarely ever follow through on: "I can make these myself!"

But this time I DID! Here's a ghetto, not-so-instructional photo guide. There's really not much to it: Find a pair of shorts you like, mine are Guess (purchased at Marshall's for around $20). Purchase some studs (I used these), lay out the studs in a pattern you like and then grab some pliers and start studding.

Heads up: My fingers were numb for 2 days after finishing this little project. A small price to pay for a cheap and successful DIY, I'd say.

The inspiration:

My finger-numbing DIY:

Once Miami decides to start participating in Fall like the rest of the country, I'll style up these shorts and wear them. I just don't think I can get away with black tights in ninety degree weather.

Future stud DIYs that I currently have planned. Note: I make no promises.

 Via my Pinterest