Introductions: Shugo Tokumaru

I recently discovered Shugo Tokumaru when I was on a friend's Myspace page and heard his song "Parachute." I went to his page and listened to a few songs and then quickly went to Amazon where I purchased his album "Exit" - I love it! I guess I could best describe his music as Indie/Psychedelic Pop, with my favorite song on the album being "Button" - check out the deliciously psychedelic music video above and then be sure to visit the Shugo Tokumaru Myspace page to hear some more tunes.

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Rena said...

I was introduced to his music in the best possible way...I saw him open for The Magnetic Fields in Columbus. I was very pleased to see Mr Merritt et al. but completely blown away by Tokumaru. Shy me, I will never forgive myself for not speaking with him when I had the opportunity.