Back to my Roots: Studs

Sorry for the lack of recent posts but I just had to take a quick Miami break to see some good friends, soak up the sun and otherwise be completely lazy. The good news is: 1) I'm back and more inspired than ever and 2) The store is re-opening today! Did you miss me? I missed you!

After some amazing wine-soaked conversations with my sounding board and endless inspiration source MeMelodia, I feel like I'm ready to get back to work and I'm feeling pretty inspired. For a while I've been feeling like my collections were like me...scattered - I just like far too many things to narrow it down to one "aesthetic." Well those days are over! I've been thinking about what truly inspires me and what it is that I get excited about time and time again and somehow I found myself back in middle/high school: Studs, zippers and safety pins. Even after all these years, I still find myself drawn to anything edgy, gritty and punk rock:

See what I mean?

So expect some major changes in the store over the next few weeks - it's time to edit and bring it back to "me." In the meantime here is my stud inspiration board:

Mary Kate rocking the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel via Nitro:licious

Capezio Studded Ballet Slippers

Carrie Bradshaw's amazing studded belt from the SATC movie

This amazing kitchen backsplash that I spotted in a Miami tile store (I wanted to buy some and frame them but it was WAYYYYYYYY expensive, so I settled for):

I liked this tile shape better anyways - instead of the black tiles I ordered silver pyramid stud tiles instead (If all goes according to plan I'll put up some pictures once it's finished)

This Balmain studded blazer (bottom) and the DIY re-make (top) by Maison des Reveries

And speaking of Balmain, pretty much ANYTHING from their Fall 2009 Collection is inspiring me at the moment!


me melodia said...

these reminded me of you.

Heist said...

I went to Saks after putting up this post and randomly ran into that SATC belt...$200?! psh!