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Before I write this I have to give credit where credit is due. I was flipping out while apartment hunting today when MeMelodia suggested I start looking at lofts. We began looking at places when she declared that she wanted to do a Boston-living blog post. Well here I sit 3 hours later still looking at lofts and flipping out. This is why I'm committing the ultimate blogging faux pas and STEALING HER IDEA! Sorry Melody, but I had to do it!

This is what started the whole thing:

The Piano Craft Guild Lofts

Which quickly led to this beautiful assortment of lofts:

While most of these are well outside my price range, or within my price range but not big dog friendly, I've e-mailed a couple places and I'm hoping I can find something! What I'm truly hoping to find is something similar to the beautiful SallyJaneVintage loft that was featured in 717 Magazine:

And be sure to visit Melody's blog - I'm sure her version of this post is better than mine could ever hope to be!

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ACQUIRE said...

Craigslist seems to have a lot of loft listings recently.
Good luck with the search!