Heist goes to the AMAs!!!!

Hi friends,
I am SO proud to report that Heist is going to the 2009 American Music Awards!!! We've teamed up with The Sampler and will have our items in the gift bags and in the gifting suite!

Now here's where I need your help, dear readers:
What Heist item should be included in the gift bags?!

I've put up a little poll in the right column of this page, so please cast your vote. If you have another idea just leave a comment on this post. Here's the criteria:
  • No rings ( I don't have ring sizes)
  • No customizable pieces (I don't have initials for Scrabble Piece charms, etc.)
Other than that...what would you recommend?

Thanks for your help! xoxox


A said...

I think all are great pieces...But if I had to pick which I did, I think the small triple stud necklace will be awesome...Perfect for almost any outfit...Princess might be too much for someone who doesn't have as pretty a neckline as you do!

Good luck and congrats!!

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking HOLLYWOOD - the bat wing might be overdone there. vampires, vampires, and bats? too much pressure to be an edward, bella and sookie right now however, your dexter needlepoint could be a HUGE hit. i think the needlepoint stuff is some of your best work and dexter has a cult following amongst other actors (no?). it may be inconsistent though, with some of your other pieces so it's tough. i would DEFINITELY do the small stud necklace over the princess. i actually like the city bird charm but would that get you NOTICED? such a fine line. so if not the needlepoint i'd say the spine charm. but that's just my initial analysis :)

lalala said...

I think the studded heart charm would be perfect. No?

ramirez_leigh said...

How about a layered necklace? Congratulations on the good news btw. Isn't that just fab? If you want to try doing wholesale jewelry, you might wanna check out www.cerijewelry.com. They also have a huge collection of the latest wholesale jewelry.

Danielle said...

WOW! This is awesome. Congrats Tiff!

I absolutley LOVE the screw stud earrings and I think they would have wide appeal and would be anyone's style. Whereas, the bat wing or the necklaces may need a more specific style.

Good luck with this!! Maybe you could do Heist full time?!?!

Danielle said...

OR the bird charm....ADORABLE!