Why Pay More?

I found this great little article over on Scoutie Girl and I thought it was a pretty interesting read. The article discusses why it's better to pay more for the things you buy and to support the handmade movement.  Some reasons:
  • You're paying a real person for their time and skill instead of a big corporation who pays less than a living wage to someone abroad.
  • Break the cycle of "working to buy and buying to feel good" - instead, have more reverence for the fewer good-quality items you buy!
And on the subject of the price of handmade goods, here's another good article discussing the true cost of buying handmade. Instead of supporting cookie-cutter style and the use of shoddy materials, carefully consider what you're getting when you buy handmade instead:
  • Quality - Well trained craftsmen make goods of a higher quality.
  • Scarcity - Handmade = less risk of running into someone else wearing the same thing as you!
  • Efficacy - You're often paying for a product you have helped create - customize it!
  • Livelihood - Help support local artisans!

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