Mr. and Mrs.

I wanted to share a special gift I made for my BFF Melody (MeMelodia) for her bridal shower. When I received her wedding invite in the mail, I was immediately in love with the beautiful red wax seal on the flap impressed with her and her fiancé, Ben's, initials.

My initial thought was how awesome it would be as a little charm so I made a mold of the seal and made a slightly smaller charm version in fine silver. To accompany it I made the same piece as a key chain for Ben.

I was so happy with the way they turned out but I was burning up inside having to wait a few weeks to give it to her. I'm proud to say the wait was worth it! Based on the texts I've received since the party ended ("I'm still on Cloud 9!" "Ben loves the keychain!") I'm going to assume it was a great success!

Congratulations Melody and Ben! I can't wait to spend your big day with you!!! xoxo