I would like to introduce two new bag styles that are now available in the Etsy Shop:

I've been wearing this tote around town for a few months now, trying my hardest to wear it out and break it down (proud to report it's still unscathed!). But when we planned a trip to the Everglades to ride airboats and explore, I didn't want to carry a large bag with me. I had just finished making one of these little crossbody bags which, unfortunately, ended up riveted just crooked enough for me to claim it as my own. That's one advantage (disadvantage?) of being a handbag designer, you get stuck with all the rejects!
So as I ran out the door I grabbed my things, threw it into this bag and left for a day of adventure. Perfect! This bag is large enough to hold quite a bit of stuff, but is small enough to throw over your shoulder and forget it's there.
When it came time to make more of these bags, I started thinking that this bag is the perfect size to carry as a clutch...or a wristlet! 
So the idea for a three-in-one was born. Attach the long strap to wear it as a crossbody (or as a traditional purse), attach the wristlet strap or remove all the straps and carry it as a clutch! I've worn it all three ways and I'd say it's a win-win-win (that's a new thing).

Find it here - currently available in black or brown salvaged leather.

The new Jellies Tote has a bit of a different background. The idea for this fabric was born quite a while before it was made, when I imagined a tote bag featuring just the draping tentacles of jellyfish. When I was in Wrightsville Beach this summer, opportunity presented itself at an aquarium we visited. I designed the fabric based on some photos I took, some layering and adjusting was necessary and when the fabric was finished it was WAY better than I could have ever imagined. I am absolutely in love with the color of the blue background and the way the tentacles are so graceful and illuminated against it. 
I combined it with some heavy salvaged leather straps and I am so happy with the result. This bag is the perfect size to use as a daytime carry-all, or even to slip your laptop in for a day at work or school.
There are two totes currently available here!

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