Art Basel Redux: 2013 Edition

Well another year of Art Basel has come and gone. I usually spend the time riding my bike around to as many fairs and events as I can, but this year I planned to sell Heist at a Market the entire weekend so my exploring time was limited. I still managed to make it to some pretty good fairs so I figured I'd do a little post on some items that caught my eye.

Of note:
1. Korean artist Chul Hyun Ahn's sculptures "utilizing light, color, and illusion as physical representations of his investigation of infinite space" at Art Miami (photo #6). I saw his work  at Basel last year and it is truly a remarkable thing to experience. That is, if you can get past the crowds trying to take selfies in the reflections.

2. Jennifer Trask's work using materials such as sewing needles, python and rattlesnake ribs (photos #8-9).

3. Burning Butterflies by Mat Collishaw (photo #12).
I tried to stay away from the Wynwood area as it has become just another ghetto Miami party, but one highlight worth battling the crowds for was this Boy George acoustic performance.

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