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Did you know that Heist is good for the environment?? A majority of our hand-cut silver charms are made from salvaged silver that has been melted down and re-formed into sheets which we use to cut our charms. And those new needlepoint charms? Their backings are made from re-used vintage fabrics!

Our jewelry isn't plated with any additional chemicals or treatments, just pure .925 Sterling silver (and 18K Vermeil). Like all other material goods (especially precious stones and metals) you can expect it to lose some of its luster, but the trick is jewelry maintenance, here are some tips for keeping your brand new Heist jewelry in great shape:

1) Never wear your jewelry in water! Take it off before bathing, and especially before swimming in chlorine or salt water (which reminds me, it's probably not the best idea to take your jewelry to the beach - sand can scratch, salt water can tarnish and shiny things attract animals that I'm not sure you want to attract!)
2) It's also a good idea to always take off your jewelry before hitting the sheets - it's easy for chains and clasps to break while you sleep.
3) Be mindful of what you do when wearing your jewelry - If you're hitting up the gym for a long workout or are going to engage in some manual labor, it's probably a good idea to take off your jewelry (beware of harsh chemicals and abrasive surfaces!)
4) Invest in a good jewelry cleaner and soft polishing cloths - dust, skin oils and products can dull your jewelry and tarnishing is a normal process, but regularly cleaning your jewelry is one of the best things you can do to help (especially if you live in a humid climate).
5) Store your jewelry wisely - metals like silver tend to scratch easily, so store your jewelry individually in soft pouches so they don't touch each other and keep your jewelry in a cool, dark place so as to slow the tarnishing process.
6) Last but not least, a special note on Vermeil. It is completely normal for the gold to eventually wear off your Vermeil items and reveal some of the silver underneath. If you purchase an item which receives a lot of wear and tear (i.e., rings), you can expect this process to occur sooner rather than later. Maintain your Vermeil pieces by taking extra precautions to treat them with love and care and have them re-plated as soon as this process begins.

Follow these easy tips and you should have a long and happy life with your new Heist jewelry! Enjoy!!

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