Ninjas Prove It: Recap

Last night I went to see of Montreal at the Orpheum Theater in Boston. 1st impression - Walking past the two monstrous tour buses out front, the lobby filled with pre-teens and their parents, and up the 4 flights of stairs to our seats in the back (this was "best available" on the morning tickets were made available?!), this band has really changed since the last time I saw them. Good thing I made it to that intimate show last year, looks like things might never be the same again.

Not to fear, the show really was amazing! I guess the best way to describe it is as some weird avant-garde play - roller skates, gallows, minotaurs? Yep, they all made an appearance. And of course the band was ridiculously on point. Would I go see them again? I think my answer is still a firm "yes, of course!"

To stream some audio that was recorded for Minnesota Public Radio:

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