The Perfect Friday

After living in Boston for 2 years, I JUST discovered heaven-on-earth is in my own backyard! I spent about 3 hours yesterday at the Cambridge Antique Market rifling through 5 floors (and over 150 vendors) worth of amazing antiques.

I would have to say my favorite item in the entire place was a set of Beatles mugs, but after viewing the $1,300 price tag...well, I settled for a $2.00 1960's children's book instead. Oh, and the vintage bike basement? Well, they basically had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming.

What I was really searching for was a vintage typewriter (or clock, or dishes or anything really) in my favorite blue color - but having a goal in mind at an antique store is probably the worst shopping approach. No luck this time but...I'll be back! What would I have done with a vintage typewriter if I had actually found one?

Photo via Apartment Therapy.

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