Originality? Or Lack Thereof.

Yes, I posted this before, but I was reminded of it again today when I stumbled upon these photos of Dominic Jones jewelry:

I was reminded of the quote above because I, also, have been working on a line of new Heist items based on a rose thorn theme. Ok, maybe it's not the most original idea? Maybe it's been done before? Regardless, it brings up a dilemma...continue working on something I've spent a lot of time and energy on? Or call it a loss and scrap it.

I know other designers have dealt with this and it's just something that has to be accepted in the fashion and design world, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck!

Oh well, since nothing is original and we're all inspired by each other, I will keep on keeping on, giving credit where credit is due and trying to make my way.

Rant over!


iheartstuff said...

Good!! Keep on keepin on. It's what we must do.

sarah said...

Just think, if it weren't for the internet you probably wouldn't even have to know that other collection existed.

Damn this technology.

me melodia said...


random but I thought of you