It's Been a Minute!

At the Shepard Fairey outdoor public art project at the Miami Art Museum, Art Basel 2009

Shepard Fairey exhibit at MAM Photo: Collapsaform Libraries

More Shepard Fairey outdoor art Photo: Collapsaform Libraries

Hello friends! I'm officially back from my (longer than expected) hiatus and am trying to play catch up. I returned from my amazing trip to Ecuador (pictures coming soon, I promise!) to a ridiculously hectic Art Basel week here in Miami (pictures of this coming soon too!) and unfortunately the blog has been lagging, so for this I apologize!

Demi Lovato & oh, hello friend

LaToya Jackson & Saru Star

First things first, the American Music Awards. While our items made it in the gift bags, our item which was intended to be displayed was STOLEN! So unfortunately there are no photos of any Heist items at the gifting lounge! As much as that really sucks, do not despair as Heist and The Sampler are teaming up again for another MAJOR awards show in March. As you can see above, the event was a success with artists like Demi Lovato and LaToya Jackson stopping by to be photographed with other Sampler items.

Another exciting bit of news, Heist is now a proud member of the ETSY METALCLAY TEAM! We are so excited to be joining a group of such lovely and talented artists!

Last but not least, be sure to sign up for our brand new (and not to be abused!) Heist mailing list!!! ------->


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