They've got it all wrong

Monsanto as Company of the Year?!?! NO WAY! I was alerted to this by our buddies over at Sweet Local Farm and I am just as shocked as they are! First things first, go see Food, Inc. for a better understanding of our industrial food system and particularly the disgusting-ness that is Monsanto. Next, read The Omnivore's Dilemma for a thorough look at the evils of our industrial food system's reliance on corn. Don't believe these shallow attempts at trying to change our minds either:

Support your local farmer!

PS-Of all the anti-Monsanto comments left in the comment section of this Forbes article, I particularly like this one:
Posted by Trinitywellness | 01/14/10 02:26 PM EST
Interesting choice for company of the year. Considering that Monsanto’s business practices are monopolistic, unsustainable, and in the case of the cotton farmers of India a crime against humanity. Inquiring minds want to know… are you going to give free Forbes subscriptions to the widows of the well over 120,000 (and climbing) Indian cotton farmers who committed suicide after being ruined by the Monsanto Cotton seed monopoly which bankrupted them with quadrupled seed and cultivation costs? Maybe a subscription bonus for the residents of Aniston Alabama poisoned by Monsanto’s upstream PCB plant? I would also like to know how much Monsanto paid for this advertisement masquerading as business journalism?

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