DIY: Bik Bok

Earlier this summer, on my trip to Norway, I fell in love with a certain pair of shorts at the Bik Bok shop in Bergen. They caught my eye right away (as does mostly anything with studs...or plaid) but I couldn't justify paying the price for a pair of black shorts. My rational thinking was seriously tested upon seeing a Bik Bok employee rocking said shorts with sheer black tights but I managed to make an escape with the thought we all have but rarely ever follow through on: "I can make these myself!"

But this time I DID! Here's a ghetto, not-so-instructional photo guide. There's really not much to it: Find a pair of shorts you like, mine are Guess (purchased at Marshall's for around $20). Purchase some studs (I used these), lay out the studs in a pattern you like and then grab some pliers and start studding.

Heads up: My fingers were numb for 2 days after finishing this little project. A small price to pay for a cheap and successful DIY, I'd say.

The inspiration:

My finger-numbing DIY:

Once Miami decides to start participating in Fall like the rest of the country, I'll style up these shorts and wear them. I just don't think I can get away with black tights in ninety degree weather.

Future stud DIYs that I currently have planned. Note: I make no promises.

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