The Art of the Lurk

I'm a blog lurker. There. I said it. But honestly, can you blame me? From wood whittlers to photographers and DIYs to celebrity gossip (don't judge), there's always something fun to look at when I make the nightly rounds of my favorite sites. And also during the day. I'm not above lurking while I work.

Here's a little round-up of my favorites. You're welcome.

Dart Photographie

 I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the D'art Photographie blog but boy am I glad I did. Her photos are always so warm and inviting and I think she does a great job of capturing the beauty of simple living. Stop by for beautiful pictures of good clean food, interesting people and road trips. Lots of road trips.


 As someone who always has a thousand ideas swimming in her head at once, I tend to be a little scattered. Who has time to make one piece to perfection when all these other things need to be made, like, NOW. Wiksten is the opposite. It's all about the details for Wiksten designer Jenny Gordy...and it shows. Visit for cozy knits, well-made patterns and the occasional studio photo. My personal favorite.
Oh, and she's the cutest thing ever.

My Edit

 There are 10 million fashion bloggers living in Manhattan, buying designer shoes and posting pictures of themselves every day. And then there's Jentine of My Edit. She's a landscaper, living in Ontario, who spends her days covered in dirt and her evenings styling her thrift finds. She's a pretty great stylist and all that but who cares...I just think it's all very refreshing. Visit My Edit for thrift finds, cute kitties and a discussion or two on shopping addiction. Seriously.

This Isn't Happiness

 This Isn't Happiness is one of my absolute favorites. I'm not sure what else to say. Follow this Tumblr for daily eye candy, humor and snarkiness. Lots of snarkiness.

Oh, Pioneer!

 Another one of my favorite Tumblrs is Oh, Pioneer! This collection of photos makes me want to marry a mountain man, move to a cabin in the woods and spend the rest of my days curled up by a wood burning stove, wearing plaid and sipping tea. Ok, so that's what I always dream about...but even so, Oh, Pioneer! makes my vision that much stronger. And that's how The Secret works. So it's really a win-win.


collapsaform said...
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collapsaform said...

Dassa sick set'a sites! If there was one blog focused on photogrpahy, snarkiness, and the mountains I'd be following it. Second to that, DIY always gets my respect; how do people find the time to make such awesomery?! Let alone practice to attain the required level of awesomery! I'm not a fashion follower but Your Edit within this post is pretty tight.

I got 99 problems and this blog ain't one. Post more. Show me some incredible sweater vest on a sultry mega babe on an eerie mountain forest that will keep me dreaming dreams that belong in those pics. don't stop.