Summer is soon coming to an end (at least in theory, Miami won't see cooler temperatures until the end of October), so I figured I'd commemorate it with a little post. It was a rough start to this summer but it ended up being one of the best summers ever. Sometimes you just need a little perspective to realize how great you really have it, right?

Thrift adventures (and an addiction to stripes?)

Discoveries on my evening hikes with Zero. On this evening it was this giant airplant which had been knocked down in a rain storm.

Salty air and salty hair in Ft. Myers Beach

A trip to the aquarium in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Now it's back to business. I'm prepping for several local markets that we're participating in this Fall, and as crazy as it sounds, I'm already busy making inventory for the Holiday season (including new jewelry, so stay tuned!) Lots of fun stuff in the works!

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