Ok, ok I can freely admit when I'm a total cliché, and now is one of those moments. First I must admit it: I'm obsessed with Twilight. There. I said it.
Next admission: I'm obsessed with Kristen Stewart (as much as I don't want to be).

Tomorrow I'm headed out to a new salon for a haircut. My inspiration? Kristen Stewart's new Joan Jett 'do:

And this:


me melodia said...

Yes. It's going to come out great.
The Jane Fonda mug is a waaaaaay cooler point of reference. I was even thinking of posting a poll on my blog re: fonda's badass shot.

Heist said...

Yeah, it's a little embarrassing going to the salon waving around a Kristen Stewart picture, but I'm going to attempt it! ;)