New, Sale, One of a Kind: Update 4

I gave you a week off to catch up on our older posts. You're welcome. But now it's back to business. Here comes our fourth update for New, Sale and One-of-a-Kind!

(Clockwise from upper left):

1. Copper Arrowhead Pendant - WAIT! I'VE SEEN THIS BEFORE! This pendant has taken a few different forms: rose gold plated copper, embellished with cubic zirconia, etc. But this is my favorite version so we're sticking with it. Copper Arrowhead charm on our badass new steel/copper chain. And we're keeping this chain nice and long. Boom.

2. Scroll Pendants - SALE! These little pieces are made from a mold of a vintage Norwegian button that I found in my Grandma's sewing stash up in the mountains of Norway. They're kind of regal, kind of ornate but at the same time they're a little faded and distressed so they almost look like buried treasure. Available in Copper or Silver.

3. Copper Anchor Pendant - NEW! Another little tiny pendant. Made in Copper so it feels authentically salty and nautical. Yes, that's a thing.

4. Horse Cameo Ring - ONE OF A KIND! This horse cameo is set in a sterling silver bezel and looks as adorable as can be. Does he look familiar? Maybe you're thinking of his sister, the Regal Cat. Let's stop there before this gets weird.

All items hitting the shop tomorrow! xo

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