Those Boots

Steve Madden and Madewell via Kendi Everyday

Payless via What I Wore

Madewell's Heeled Hiking Boot

Whether they're a rugged sole or more refined, a small heel or a wedge, I'm obsessed with them and I've been stalking. Yup, you too can be a stalker if you spend your late night hours creepily clicking from site to site looking at booties and right-click-adding them to your desktop lurk pile!

Well I went ahead and splurged on a $30 pair of Target booties. That's right guys, sometimes $30 is considered a splurge. Like when you already have booties. Like...a lot of them. But really, they're a dead ringer for those DV by Dolce Vita shoes above and for $30 you really can't go wrong. Unless, of course, they're hideous in real life. In which case it's easy to ship them back and pretend like the whole thing never happened.

But seriously, Heeled Hiking Boot, you might be next.

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