Around Here

1. The Garden That Could. Our garden is big and happy this growing season and we've been plucking veggies from the ground and eating them almost every meal. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

2. The Labels I Can't Stop Staring At. The new labels for Heist Handbags* are in! The logo design is from a collaboration with Flying Pyramids and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Beautiful, high-quality, guilt-free, vegan leather. Perfect.

*Is the anticipation killing you yet? It sure is killing me! I promise a big reveal of the Heist Handbag line in the very near future. Promise!

3. The thrill of the Hunt. Am I right? I'm always hunting for records and when I dig one out from the depths of some dusty pit (What's with all the Johnny Mathis?!) you'd swear I found the rarest fossil man-kind has ever seen. Talking Heads for under $2? Yes, please.

4. The Experiment that Went Completely Right. I made a batch of these Jute Planters and planted oh-so-adorable succulents in them as a display for my parents' store. My parents were all "that's not really the store's vibe" and then they were all "people are asking about these, maybe we should sell them?" and then they were all "we're going to need more. We sold out." We're on batch 3 now. Needless to say, my stock as store display/interior designer is way up right now.

Photos via my Instagram. Are we friends yet?

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