The Southerly

The Southerly is a cute blog which documents the travels of Rhiannon and Drew, a couple based in Atlanta, GA who happen to love traveling, history, kitschy roadside attractions and, luckily for us, photography. From old Civil War battlefields to abandoned buildings on a Native American Trail, all with their histories carefully explained, this blog is pretty great.

It's not updated as much as I would like (I'm a hard blog reader to please!) but I think it's a really well done blog that is worth your time to check out.

I think I could devote a few months to photographing the deep south. Who's game?


sarah said...

Sign me up for the deep south photography road trip. Maybe we can devote a day in August to the NC sites?

Heist said...

YES! I'm soooo totally down!

Rhiannon said...

Thanks for your nice post---I'm so glad you like the blog!

Definitely agree about the updating situation---that's something I need to work on. : )