Just one of them Days

I tend to not want to discuss my personal life here, but at the risk of bottling it all up and losing my mind I fear I might have to start doing just that! See, I'm studying for the Massachusetts bar exam...and it's blowing my mind. I was warned before the process began that I would become a "miserable human being" and that I ought to warn everyone I know beforehand. Well, until now I thought maybe that advice came from a group of hyper-sensitive individuals...but now I know better. It feels as if I'm constantly at some state between freak-out and shutdown throughout my day.

So when I stumbled upon the above photos by Paul Graves, I guess they struck a chord with me and my current state of mind. Sometimes there's just no other words to describe the way you're feeling...and if it's written in balloons...all the better!

So until next time, I'll be living by this quote (via MeMelodia): "AT TIMES INACTIVITY IS PREFERABLE TO MINDLESS FUNCTIONING"

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wool and misc said...

love these!! i grew up w a paul graves from MA... i wonder....