I awkwardly woke up this morning at 5:00AM with a strong smoke smell filling my apartment from...well I don't know where! After staggering out into the street in my PJs to unsuccessfully investigate (it wasn't coming from my building), I decided to call the cops. After searching the internet for half an hour for a phone number to call that wasn't 911 (you would think it would be easier to find something like that), I spoke to a completely unhelpful operator who was convinced I was a crazy person (Operator: "ma'am, I'm not sure what to tell you...you woke up and smelled smoke in your apartment?" (yes) "Do you see a fire?" (well, no) "Do you see smoke?" (ummm.....no) and so on)

Well, after all that (and not a peep from my smoke detector) I assured myself it was safe to fall asleep. I woke up 45 minutes later and spent the rest of my day in a fog...perhaps I dreamed it? Only one person told me they even smelled smoke today. But here I am back at home, 12 hours later, and it STILL smells like smoke in here! WHAT THE HELL?!

Photos via Le Smoking

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me melodia said...

I wish all stories could be told with such beautiful photographs.