Rackk and Ruin DIY

I was so impressed by this amazing DIY over at Rackk and Ruin that I just had to share it here. Get the full directions here.

The inspiration:

The before:

The after:

$10 thrifted boots, 2 zippers (ripped from used levi's nonetheless) and some black shoe polish = a new pair of boots!

As I commented on her blog, I once did a salvage project of my parents' AMAZING 1970s leather couches (shipped from Norway!) after they were destroyed in Hurricane Andrew. I had to tear out all the rusted zippers and sew in new ones, and let me tell you...sewing through leather is NOT an easy feat! My fingers were completely raw for weeks after. But it was worth it, I'm still displaying them proudly in my apartment!

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rackkandruin said...

yay!! thanks for the post lady! what i wouldn't give for a huge leather couch!