Lolliblog & Rock 'N Roll Bride

You might remember that a while back I wrote about a batch of Knuckle rings that I made for the lovely Kristi. Well she was nice enough to send me a picture of her bridesmaids wearing the rings, and then I received an Etsy message from ceeleedesigns alerting me to the fact that they featured me on their blog and that it was also picked up by Rock 'N Roll Bride, pretty cool huh?!

I must say, the wedding turned out amazing, how gorgeous does Kristi look! And the photography looks great too! Congrats!

Update: East Side Bride has also done a little write up on the Knuckle Rings at Kristi's wedding! (Big HUUUUUGE thanks to MeMelodia for being my informal brand manager!)


me melodia said...

I love this!!!
Absolutely gorgeous wedding party with great taste in finger adornment.
I'm crazy about their photos.

sweetlocal said...

so cute! i wish i saw this before i bought my bridesmaid's gear.