Introductions: Radioactive Nachos

One of my great friends (and fellow Super Freak), Alethea, has an adorable and talented son who just started his very own blog, RadioActive Nachos, to showcase his artistic talents! How cool is this kid?! He created a super hero called "Anarky" who rocks an Anarchy logo on his costume! Gah!

Stop by and leave him tons of comments to welcome him to the blogging world!

Update: Desmond has informed me that he did not invent the character "Anarky" - regardless, I'm still quite impressed!


Kristin said...

I want my little man to be that cool. On a side note, I just killed a plate of nachos.

Heist said...

mmmmm...nachoooooos! I'd kill for some right about now! ;)

me melodia said...

These are so rad!
This guy is going places. :D

Anonymous said...

i'm going to cry. this is too cute. if my kid isn't this smart or cute, i'm going to be pissed.