And the Story Began...

I returned home today from a little overnight trip to the Florida Keys (photos to come) for a friend's birthday celebration, and promptly passed out into a good, long nap. Now I'm wide awake perusing the internet at 2:00AM and catching up on my blog reading. I figured I should maybe catch up on some blogging (hate that word!) while I wait for the zzzzzzz to come:

This photo of the cutest couple ever is so perfect! via A Cup of Jo

If you haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet, get out and do it NOW! (Summer and I might as well be the same person...dead on)

I completely forget where this photo came from, but I would kill for a studio/office that looks like this!

Again, a mysterious photo that appeared on my desktop - why is my hair taking so long to grow?! I need this haircut!

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pixelhazard said...

Oh i've been where ur at before. Why does my hair never look whispy and romantic like that?[ref last pic]

+ ive never heard of 500 days of summer

If you could have an alternative to the word blogging, what would it be