Modern Life

I'm certain that there are aspects of our modern, technologically advanced lives that exist only to make us feel worse about ourselves. As a complete voyeur and general nosy person, I have to say that Twitter is no good for me: it exists solely to show me all the fun things I'm missing out on. 

I guess these are the themes that Jim Lambie is exploring in his work in which he takes certain aspects of modern life and transforms them into sculptural installations such as "Plaza," above, inspired by milk leaking from a bag on the streets of Moscow:

The image of white liquid flowing out of red plastic stuck with Lambie, who essentially replaced the milk with paint and recreated the event seven times using different color combinations, a reference to the daily act of grocery shopping. When installed, the bags hover above the floor at a height similar to where they would be if one were carrying them full of food. The piece, based in reality, becomes abstract as liquid pours out of the bags in streams of color, down the baseboard to the floor.


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